Hiking Through My Eyes and Camera

For the past two Saturdays, I’ve gone hiking with my sister. Sadly, not this past weekend since she was working but we have time for more hikes this fall. I love hiking because it feels amazing to immerse myself in nature and get outdoors. When I go hiking, I’ll probably spend an hour or more following a trail. Also, it’s a great motivator to get in my steps for the day.

FUN FACT: Without fail, my sister and I will get lost since sometimes these trails intersect with one another. Later, we’ll be like “Uh is the parking lot where we parked the car in?”. This happened both times during our recent hiking adventures. To our defense, we had never been to either nature park or reservation before and were unfamiliar with their trails.

I’ve mentioned this on Instagram before but just like how I’ll stop numerous times at a museum to take photos of art, I’ll do the same with nature. This habit of mine probably gets annoying for my sister, but I cannot help. I enjoy appreciating what’s before me and gathering inspiration and memories.

Since I mentioned the two hiking adventures I had earlier, I thought it’d be best to share photos from both times. The set of photos above are from the first hike. It was also the first hike of the year. My sister and I tried to go hiking before in August, but a storm’s aftermath had paused those plans.

Anyway, during this hike I had my bangs slicked back revealing too much bare forehead. You can probably see the tiredness in my face without a stitch of makeup — the horror haha. At least I kept hydrated with my trusty Hydroflask. My favorite photo from this set of nature captures is the deer one. The cute woodland creature was one of many we saw but at that moment close enough for me to photograph. Also included are close-ups of a rock pathway, tall grass with dainty flowers peeking through, and a fork on the trail with some fallen trees.

For the set of photos below, the nature reservation we went to started showing signs of the leaves changing colors. I love that, it says the fall season is here! With these nature captures, obviously, I took a bunch of photos of trees to highlight the color changes. My favorite in this set is the broken fallen tree trunk. There’s a lot of details in this shot — the sunlight peeking from the center, the twisty branches, and excess bark. It has a moody feel which I love and sort of perfect for the spooky season. Also, without makeup again but my bangs hide everything haha. Nature is stunning though right?

Have I made you interested to get outdoors and go hiking? Hope you all have a great week! I know it’s only Tuesday, but the weekend will be here in no time.



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