Thoughts As I Turn A Year Older

I turned 32 on Thursday! My feelings towards birthdays are pretty neutral. I’ve never been one of those that make a big fuss about getting older because it’s just a number to me. I also do not like to make it a big celebration either (uh yes my astrological sign is Leo). Honestly, a nice quiet dinner with cake is satisfactory enough.

From my point of view, birthdays are an expanse of time where I have made it to another year and am alive and living life. Within this amount of time, I would have gone through growth, a mix of emotions, and made many memories to store in my mental experiences folder (aka my brain). Basically, all the things that make us all human.

Anyway, what a year it has been since I haven’t blogged since my last birthday. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened the rest of 2019:

  1. Spent a weekend in Boston for my birthday
  2. Took a two month break from Instagram
  3. Started thrifting again and totally loving the thrill of second hand shopping
  4. Went apple picking like I do every fall
  5. Saw my favorite band live a few times during their fall tour — including traveling to Florida for my sister’s birthday
  6. Went to the National History Museum in NYC with my childhood bestie
  7. Traveled to Thailand with my dad and sister to visit family (my dad’s side) for three weeks

And so now here we are in 2020 in a pandemic. I swear the phrase “this will be the best year” will never sit right with me again. Even five months later, I’m still unsure how the future will be like or what is normal anymore. One thing that has definitely changed for me is my lifestyle — I’m staying at home more. I still go to work and make trips to the variety of grocery store options in my area. I’ve also slowly incorporated going to thrift stores again because I missed shopping second hand in-person versus online. However, I’m far from being lazy and am doing cardio videos via YouTube for fitness. I’m hoping to use the rest of the year to instill the importance of reestablishing a creative voice and outlet for myself — it’s waned since my mom’s passing in 2016 and I let that happen.

So to wrap things up, there are absolutely no plans to travel and I’m fine with that because I’d rather be safe and healthy than sorry. I just want to see if I can get all the ideas brewing inside my head to come to fruition!

Hope you all have a nice and safe, social distancing weekend!


If anything, find me on Instagram @fashionready

(photo edited in black and white via VSCO, taken during a car ride while in Thailand November 2019)


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