Tumble On #12

And so it’s mood board time! For me, I feel like it’s quite a process to gather some images and collage them. I usually like to collage images by color, mood or the action going on in the photo so most of the time you will see pairings due to similar color tones. Other times, as seen in the second collage, I combined images with stylish girls either motioning to tilt a hat or raising their arm as if to shield their eyes from sunlight. This time around, I did something different and placed an inspirational quote along with the 5-image collages. I thought by doing that it would help convey a mood for their groupings. I guess you could say I do everything with purpose no matter how much time it takes to complete so I hope you find inspiration or feel inspired.

Have a lovely weekend!


(all images have been reblogged via my Tumblr)


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