31 Things About Me

There’s never a chance to celebrate the same birthday twice (unless you have decided to stop counting your age as you get older). I, however, haven’t reached the point where I’m afraid of getting older. And so on Tuesday (August 13), I turned 31 years old. To celebrate another year in my 30s, I thought I would this fun post of giving you some random facts about me so you may all learn about who I am. Does anyone have any random facts about themselves, they’d like to share?

  1. I’m half-Thai, half-Filipino
  2. I have a sister and we’re 14 months apart
  3. My favorite color is gray
  4. I love a band called The Maine
  5. Listening to music is life and expect to find me at a concert often
  6. A playlist on my Spotify labeled “Love” pertains to all songs about love, so all the good, the bad and ugly parts of it
  7. I love art museums, but I’m not much of an artist
  8. I like to go thrifting and shop second hand
  9. Vintage black leather Coach bags are my favorite to find second hand
  10. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, but I do not overindulge these days
  11. Baking brownies and cookies are my go-to treats
  12. I prefer lattes (or tea) over coffee, but starting to like cold brews
  13. I’m a visual person so I naturally gravitated towards editorials when falling in love with fashion
  14. Bodysuits are quickly becoming the must-have pieces I need more of
  15. I used to wear a lot of colors, but now I don’t because the majority of my wardrobe is black
  16. I’ve been wearing eyeliner since middle school so my winged liner skills are ace
  17. I have traveled to 17 out of 50 states in the U.S.
  18. Seattle and Portland are places in the U.S. that I want to visit next
  19. My dream destination would be Paris or anywhere in Europe at this point
  20. Almond croissants are my favorite French pastry
  21. I prefer chocolate cake over vanilla cake
  22. Whenever I’m in southern California going to Porto’s Bakery is a must
  23. Also going to In-N-Out when I’m out west is a must too
  24. I love capturing moments so I’m often stopping to take random photos, it’s worse when I’m at a museum or around nature
  25. If I made more time for myself, I would read more books
  26. I consider myself to have a heart of gold (let me kill you with my attentive and kind nature)
  27. I’m pretty quiet when you first meet me, but I warm up once I get to know someone
  28. I used to be hopeless romantic (damn you rom-coms of my young adolescence), now I’m a hopeful romantic
  29. With each new travel opportunity, I’m slowly learning to become a better packer (seriously need to stop packing last minute)
  30. Being eco-friendly is important to me — reusable water bottle (yes), reusable bags (yes), metal straws (need to remember to carry them)
  31. I am working on creating and maintaining a cruelty-free beauty routine

Hope you are all doing something exciting this weekend! I will be — going to Boston for some post-birthday fun!


(wearing: Madewell top, Old Navy shorts, Vans sneakers, Livho sunglasses)


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