Picking at Strawberries

FUN FACT: There are plenty of farms in my home state of New Jersey offering fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, and flowers. I’ve been exploring farms for a few years now mostly doing pumpkin and apple picking in the fall. My sister had Saturday off so I decided we needed to have a fun weekend activity. I had seen photos recently on Instagram featuring a beautiful tulip farm, but sadly tulip season is now over. However, I did come across another possible activity — strawberry picking!

I honestly had no idea that there were any farms catering to picking at strawberries here. The farm I was most interested in was about an hour drive, but we chose to make the drive anyway. There was an admission fee for picking which included a tractor ride to and from the strawberry fields. Also, you had the option to buy a container or bring your own. I bought the larger container as it was our first time, but I would definitely think about bringing my own next time.

It was a warm and very sunny day, about 80 degrees. I originally thought about wearing a red denim skirt (that hits just above the knee) with a black top but decided against it. If you’re going to be doing manual labor looking and picking at strawberries, might as well wear shorts right? I definitely wanted to wear red either way because another fun fact I like to dress to theme sometimes and strawberries are red. I recently thrifted this men’s red linen shirt — it’s oversized so I tied it at my waist. Then paired it with an old thrifted pair of denim shorts, along with some Vans sneakers. Oh and my Vans got so filthy — dusted with dirt and red stains from squished strawberries, that I had to clean them before wearing again.

Anyway, we got quite the haul and I paid $26 for the strawberries we picked. Also ended up checking out the farm store for freshly baked apple pie and homemade ice cream. It was a fun experience and I’d be interested in doing it again next year.

Hope you all a great weekend!


(wearing: thrifted men’s linen shirt, thrifted denim shorts, Vans old skool sneakers)


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