Comfort in Boston

Wow a new look on the blog! I may not post my outfits on here as frequently as I used to, but you may catch of glimpse of what I wear these days by chance on my Instagram.

The look I’m sharing today is from last month when I went to Boston with my sister for her birthday. I pretty much live in comfy jeans on my off days from my 10 to whenever (the office closes that night) job. Besides the jeans, I added additional comfort with a favorite turtleneck sweater of mine. The pairing was perfect along with a light sherpa jacket for the chilly autumn weather that Boston was having that weekend. My pair of trusty Chelsea boots were eaxctly what I needed for stomping around on the fallen leaves scattered on the grounds of Boston. I surely enjoyed all the nature and culture I soaked in that weekend and look forward going back in the future.

Hope you are all having a great week!

(wearing: Old Navy sherpa jacket, Old Navy sweater, Gap jeans, Doc Martens boots, Vintage Coach purse)


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