5 Things I’m Doing This Summer

Taken during a trip to the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

Summer has been around for more than a month, but here I am now sharing what my plans are:

1. Going to concerts

With some of my favorite humans, a band called The Maine

It’s no secret that I like to go to concerts especially if it’s for one particular band (ahem The Maine), but honestly I enjoy listening to music and seeing live performances. I saw Night Riots (such an awesome awesome band) in a little venue in Brooklyn last month and have gone to a few dates on the last Warped Tour ever. Seriously, go to concerts I can’t stress it enough. Live music is so good!

2. Watching movies

Not exactly a movie theater marquee, but the closest example I have from my own photography

I will go through moments when I’m into movies and not into movies. I just happen to be into movies right now. My movies of choice are that of the Marvel variety among others. So I went to see Avengers: Infinity War twice (which I never do) and only because I felt slightly lost missing out on past Marvel films. The whole Marvel Cinematic Universe is connected so obviously, I had a binge fest of all the films. I’m ready and so not ready for when the next Avengers movie comes out next year. Have you seen any good movies lately?

3. Get outside, get fit and doing cardio

From when I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden last month

It’s been a while since my last hike, but I do enjoy the outdoors and nature. If you check out my Instagram, I’m often posting photos from trips to botanical gardens (because I take too many pictures of nature). Also, I have been instilling cardio into my routine and I’m feeling great, working on losing weight and increasing my stamina. Excercise may seem like a tedious task at times but in the end, it’ll put you in a better mood and mentality.

4. Travel

Often taking photos of bridges on my travels

Traveling can either be your friend or enemy. Sure getting to your destination can suck sometimes because problems happen, but once you get to where you want to go it’s worth all the trouble. I’m heading to Florida tomorrow and I’ve never been before. I’m excited, but not sure what to expect. I know it’ll be humid and possibly stormy the whole time I’m there, but I won’t let that affect my mood. I just really like the idea of going somewhere new for exploration and inspiration. I’m sure you would too.

5. Eating ice cream

Some marketing signs seen at MOIC’s Pint Shop

Well, it is summer, isn’t it? Time to enjoy the creamy and smooth sweet confection that is ice cream. Though I’m not typically a fan of chocolate ice cream, I must say that Museum of Ice Cream’s Chocolate Crush is my favorite at the moment. It’s more bittersweet than super sweet. I did go to their Pint Shop in NYC last month and did the Tasting Room experience, which included a taste test of their ice cream flavors. The chocolate easily and surprisingly became a hit with me. So indulge yourself and enjoy some ice cream while you’re out in the sun.

Hope you are all having a great summer!

(all photos are mine, taken by myself or my sister)


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