A Neutral Balance

A Neutral Balance | Fashion Ready

A Neutral Balance | Fashion Ready

A Neutral Balance | Fashion Ready

A Neutral Balance | Fashion Ready

I am once again writing one of my “I’m back here on the blog and ready for a fresh start again” posts. I cannot avoid it. Honestly, I still find it hard to have the supercharged energy for creativity I used to have. I don’t want to blame it on personal loss, but I think it is one of the underlying factors. I feel more at home when I’m traveling than when I’m actually at home since it’s a reminder of what once was. Plus traveling always invokes inspiration, growth, and wonder in me. I’m continually working to find a balance which is so important with the recent mental health headlines. I’m hoping with this honesty it’ll stop me from keeping things bottled up and that through writing I will find a clear head.

Anyway, let me get to the main idea I had for this post. I’ve often seen the color white as a representative for new beginnings and fresh starts. After all, a blank page or canvas is often white or neutral in color. With the images I compiled together, I wanted them to evoke a certain mood. The color palette was kept neutral with mostly white, beige, and gray. Overall the tone has a very calming nature. I feel like we all need calmness to provide a neutral balance in our lives so here I am trying to focus on that with a somewhat new beginning in mind.

Hope you all have a great productive week!

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(all images have been reblogged via my Tumblr – I do not own any of these images)


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