What To Do During A Creative Rut

creative rut moody road snapshot

It happens. It happens to all of us from time to time. We all get those moments when our minds sort of shut down and none of our ideas seem creative enough. You can’t force creativity but at the same time, you can’t help feeling lost. Don’t you just hate a creative rut?

I’ve been in a creative rut lately. I haven’t come up with any new ideas to work on nor am I posting anything to Instagram. Usually, I let that get me down because I feel like I’m not using my full potential but not this time. What things do you do during a creative rut?

Well, here are some things I like to do when I get into a creative rut:

1. Stay off of Instagram – It can get so easy to become envious of or depressed over someone’s “perfect” life. Remember we only see a portion of it and what he or she chooses to share.

2. Think quality over quantity, always – I think this is the most important advice to follow when it comes to posting anything online. Don’t post just for the sake to post something especially when it’s not meaningful to you.

3. Stay positive – Don’t hate yourself. Stop the self doubt. So things seem bad now, but just know that creativity will strike again.

4. Find new inspiration – Step outside of your comfort zone and find inspiration from unlikely places. Head outside, go to a museum, take up a new hobby, learn about photography from watching videos on YouTube, etc.

5. Write things down and brainstorm – I don’t like to keep my head flooded with thoughts as mentioned in this post. I must write things down so I can clear my head and get a better sense of things, which could, therefore, help to brainstorm some ideas.

Hope you all have an awesome week!

(photo taken by me via Canon G7x and edited with VSCO)


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