2018 And Time To Refocus

Happy New Year! Can you believe a full season has passed since my last blog post? It’s now winter and a very cold one so far. As I mentioned on my last Instagram post of 2017, the past year was one of some growth, lots of traveling and taking the time to enjoy life. Compared to 2016, the year I lost my mom, 2017 went by much smoother. I filled my time with many adventures from various concerts to mini roadtrips and trips out west. For the first time in my life, I finally experienced and fulfilled what it meant to travel more within a 365 day period. It was thrilling and freeing! Hopefully more travels to come in 2018, but for now I do want to refocus on my creative outlets once again.

Here’s a breakdown of my goals content-wise:

1. Maintain my blog with new posts at least once a week
2. Bring back what I wore outfit posts
3. Take the time to film and edit videos for my YouTube channel
4. Sharpen my video editing skills
4. Finally learn to understand all the settings on my DSLR camera
5. Take up photography and don’t shy away from snapping photos on my iPhone
6. Grow and maintain a following on Instagram organically
7. Actively engage on Instagram by leaving thoughtful comments besides liking or saving photos
8. Figure out how to efficiently use Instagram Stories
9. Do not procrastinate and be confident in my content

I look forward to this new year and only have positivity that I will let my creativity prosper.

Thanks for anyone who still reads here or comes across my blog!


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