Writing To Clear My Head

Writing To Clear My Head | Fashion Ready

Writing has been a game changer for me personally. Lately, my head has been so flooded with thoughts that I needed to lay it all out on paper. Keeping a journal has been a hit and miss over the years with many pages left untouched, but I’m finding that the process helps clear my head and calms me.

Writing wasn’t a strong suit of mine when I was growing up. To me, creativity always flowed more through visuals than words. Eventually I figured out how to tell stories due to the motivation from some challenging English teachers. I guess in a way my observant nature helped.

So am I a writer or am I just good with words? I’m a writer because this little space has allowed to me to write and share about things I love. I’m good with words because sometimes I like to write in a descriptive manner. Either way writing has become the most soothing way to relax.



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