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And so my little space on the internet has gone through a lot of change within the past year. I may not be as active as I used to be, but as days go by I question why I stopped. Besides dealing with loss, fear can be a big issue — fear of competition, fear of comparsion, fear of dislike, fear of not being good enough and so on. I know it’s a matter I can control and I think it’s time I take back control. I have always lived on the idea of living life in a creative sense. And for the past year, that creativity has been suppressed on and off depending on my mood or whenever inspiration came and went away. Why did I do this to myself?

To me, I need to look back on why I started this little space. It was on a whim and out of curiousity. The August of 2008, before heading back to college for my junior year, I discovered the world of fashion blogging. Back then it just girls on the internet sharing their daily outfits and personal style. At the time, I was only familiar with word blogs like the Xanga I had in high school. My mind was delighted, but also curious. I thought it was the perfect platform for self discovery, which is the main reason I started a blog.

I chose a name (Fashion Ready which was my Xanga username) and signed up on Blogger. It took a couple months to start because I needed to get brave to share my face on the internet. I got handy with the self timer on my Nikon point and shoot, posed, wrote a blurb and posted what I wore. Having started a creative outlet felt good and I saw how it changed me personally and stylewise. Over the years, I upgraded to a DSLR, got my sister to take photos and moved over to WordPress. One thing that hasn’t changed is staying true to myself, which I think is very important. I’m the face of my blog, so it should be a reflection of myself.

I’m sorry I keep blabbing, but I guess my reason for this post is to renew this blog. I need this space for continual self discovery and for those good vibes from being creative. The blog got a refresh this week with a new blog design which I purchased again from Kotryna Bass Design. It has exactly the feel I’ve been looking for — minimal yet modern. I swear blog designs these days are quite impressive! I don’t want to say I feel pressure to keep up, but in a way I do. With this renewed outlook, I look forward to bring new content so that soul doesn’t die from lack of creativity.

Thanks for reading!


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