Spring Mood Board

spring 2017 mood board

And spring is here once again! Though I’m currently waiting for the east coast to warm up already. As soon as I realized that spring was approaching, thoughts and ideas have flooded my head. The change of season has caused sparks of motivation and inspiration to ignite. So let me give you some insight on my spring mood board.

One of the biggest ideas coming to fruition is a huge bedroom edit. In fact, it’s an overdue necessary one. My sister has been heading this project and has completed a portion of it so far. Soon we’ll be able to transform the unpapered walls with coats of gray paint and a white brick decal. And get new beds because I so need a new bed to go with the modern white furniture already in the bedroom. It’s all so exciting!

Also with a change of season, comes a new wardrobe. Honestly I didn’t buy any new clothes for three months, but within the past week I began craving new things. And so that is how I ended up with some new pieces from ASOS. But you never would have guessed what I got is for spring since I chose everything in black. That’s a complete departure for me because I used to be against wearing anything in the color black. I swear I used to wear color! Well, these days I do like the classic minimal look so I guess I’m just growing upon that ideal. Oh, and on my wishlist are some mules or low heel sandals and blush pink things.

Now for one last thing, plants! I’m having an affinity for plants and flowers, particularly cacti and roses. Before my trip to Arizona in January, I had an interest in cacti but never possessed one. After seeing them in real life and the varieties available, I’m a sucker for them now. I’ll need to pick up some cacti for my bedroom this spring. As for roses, I don’t want to say it’s because of a band, but it sort of is. My (now) favorite band, The Maine, has been using a rose/floral aesthetic for their new album (coming out April 7th) that I’ve been loving. On the other hand, roses do have a personal meaning to me. It’s the fact that a rose plant from a first grade soda bottle planter project continues to grow each year in the backyard. Yes, call me sentimental.

So what’s getting you in the mood for spring?

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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