2017 I’m Coming For You

Once again it’s time to welcome another new year. It’s 2017 and I have a strong head on my shoulders and quite the positive outlook. Right now I’m planning for the year ahead to a good one. But what exactly are those plans?

As I’ve mentioned previously here, I do not like the word resolution. I don’t like to think that I’m resolving a problem. I like to think I’m making plans and setting up goals that will encourage me to do more. It’s said that motivation is the key to success therefore, I want to feel that I’m leading a fulfilling life. So 2017 I hope you’re ready for me because I’m coming for you. If you’re curious to know what I have in mind to accomplish or keep up this year, check out below.

1. Create more content (last year’s #1 as well).
2. Save more and spend less.
3. Wake up early to be more productive.
4. Become more organized.
5. Keep a bullet journal (because I already started one on the 2nd).
6. Read more books (tried to do this last year but failed).
7. Keep a tidy space/room.
8. Get rid of excess.
9. Lead a healthier lifestyle and get fit.
10. Travel and/or explore any chance I can get.
11. Live life and make memories.
12. Stay positive and let good vibes rule.

Have a happy new year and wonderful weekend too!


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