Striped in Burbank


Lately, nostaglia has been on my mind and flooding my thoughts with those of the past — where I’ve gone and how I’ve grown. Sometimes it’s hard to look back, but it’s not always so bad. These photos in particular are from last summer, snapshots of moments that I had yet to share. I had spent a few days in Anaheim attending VIDCON 2015 and took the opportunity to extend my stay in southern California with some rest and relaxation in the Burbank/Los Angeles area. With a brave face, these photos were taken in an unfamiliar open space which was the hotel’s outdoor patio. And as the sun was starting to descend, I was dressed in stripes with a mini backpack in tow. While this place in time seems rather distant, the memories I have will live on forever. And that’s why nostalgia means so much to me right now.

Hope you’re all having a nice week!


(wearing: Old Navy dress, Target backpack, H&M shoes)


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