Life Update: Where I’ve Been

fr-life-update-where-ive-been-june-2016A new month, a sort of fresh start.

A monumental life change occurred in April and instead of going ahead with my original idea of returning with a super personal post about it, I thought I’d do this little icebreaker post first.

The reason I’ve been missing from the blog (and most social media) for nearly two months is because my mom passed away on April 10th. She was 60 years old and had battled and fought cancer for 10 years. After all the struggles and suffering, she’s finally at peace.

The first week was hard. Obviously losing anyone is hard, mine being my mom was definitely difficult at first. I remember just doing random things late into the night because I couldn’t go to sleep and crying at night from memories and thinking about her passing. Being with immediate family most of that time really helped with coping and mourning before transitioning back to real life.

The rest of April was focused on living life and returning back to my daily schedule. As for May, I just wanted that time for myself and not have to worry about creating content and what’s the latest on social media. With the arrival of June, I have this feeling that this is the month for brand new content. It’s time for creativity and a bright outlook. I’m moving forward and hope to share some fun things this month.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

(photo: up close self portrait before attending my mom’s wake on April 13, 2016)


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