Spring Cleaning: A New Blog Design

Where have I been? What have I been up to? And yes the blog got another design facelift.

Life has been a bit crazy since my last blog post. My mom was hospitalized on March 17 after having shortness of breath and coughing. Her diagnosis turned out to be pneumonia, but complicated in her case. The last time she was hospitalized was a year and a half ago. During that time I wrote up a very personal post here and also shared her cancer story. Like last time, there were moments of ups and downs, but to keep things brief this time around I will let you know that she’s since been moved to a subacute facility over a week ago for further recovery.

Family is very important so things like social media and blogging were obviously put on hold. However I couldn’t stay away from the blog forever. To keep me sane while not creating new content, I decided that I was growing tired of my last blog layout and needed a new design. I know I just had a redesign about five months ago, but I felt I needed a more streamlined look. Again I purchased my blog template from Kotryna Bass Design, this time the My Leica Moments template. After a two week period of on and off editing to the coding to suit my preferences, I’m here to finally reveal it. Let me give you a breakdown of the changes:

1. I’ve said goodbye to the sidebar to allow posts to be full width, making all content front and center.

2. The popular posts slider has also become full width since there’s no sidebar.

3. The sticky navigation bar now includes the most common categories, otherwise see “posted in” under every blog post title.

4. A “continue reading” button to view an entire post besides the excerpt shown.

5. Related posts can be found at the end of every individual post before the comments section.

6. Share buttons are available on every individual post.

7. The footer of the blog features my Instagram photos, my blog archive in a dropdown style menu and a search bar.

Hope you love the new look and have a lovely weekend!


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