Sunday Wrap Up #2

The second installment of Sunday Wrap Up is here. This past week I went to Whole Foods and bought a delicious brownie that was so rich and fudgy. It was so good that I really want to go back soon to get some more. Brownies are my weakness. Another highlight of the week was going to the opening night of the state fair. I ate a lot of fried greasy food (because that’s just what you do) while moving through the large crowds of people. I’ve never been there on the first day so I was overwhelmed by the amount of people there. I also vlogged a little which I’ll need to work on editing the footage together.

I used the crockpot twice last week. My parents are remodeling their kitchen and I’ve been trying new ways to cook food that doesn’t involve a gas stove. I ended up making mac and cheese one day and rotisserie-like chicken on another. I have pictures of neither to show you, but both meals were a nice alternative way of things I already make.

The ferris wheel is my favorite ride at any fair, carnival or amusement park. It must be the colorful lights and the fact that you can see everything from up above. I’m not a fan of roller coasters due to their speed and I can be afraid of heights, but I can handle it pretty well most of the time.

I made a no bake dessert for Father’s Day. It was easy and didn’t require many ingredients. Here’s a sneak peek because I’ll share more about it in an upcoming post.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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