Sunday Wrap Up #1

I know that posts have been sporadic lately. I need to work on prioritizing my time better so that the blog isn’t left on pause while I still need to work on editing photos and come up with ideas. I thought I would try out something new and give you all a review or wrap up on what I’ve been up to this past week. Maybe this’ll become a weekly feature.
Above are just some of the things that keep me going and organized — a notebook to jot down thoughts, my MacBook for blogging and online browsing and my iPhone that goes with me everywhere.

I added a new camera (Canon G7X) to my tech arsenal and I’m so excited about it! This compact camera is quite pricey, but I’ve been considering this purchase for a while now. I said at the beginning of the year that I wanted to start creating videos to upload on YouTube and that’s what I plan to do. With some summer travel in the somewhat near future, I want to vlog those adventures and capture memories.

I switched from a plastic to a glass water bottle this week. I’ve had the bottle on the left for about 2 years now so it was time for a change. I know that everyone is raving about glass water bottles. I didn’t get the hype at first either, but when I saw someone on YouTube mention the MIU COLOR glass bottles, I was hooked. You must know already that I like simple, minimalist designs so it was no brainer for me. And I must say that I do love how clean water does taste coming from a glass bottle rather than plastic.

When was the last time I stepped into a mall? I would probably say it’s been a while because I primarily shop online these days. There’s only one mall in my area that has a Madewell so obviously I had to go there. I liked seeing the display of all the beautiful leather accessories Madewell carries, but the location was small. I left with one item and that was one of their breeze back tees


That was a bit of what went on during my week. How was yours?

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