Night Mood

The amount of natural light in the winter is very fleeting. If you do not plan right, then you can’t use it. Usually I refrain from taking photos when the sunlight begins to fade, but I already had full intentions to snap photos this past Saturday. On most days I would consider myself a morning person, but on those days when it’s not of utmost importance to be up, I will take my time. Saturday, for example, was one of those days. I could have tried to step outside earlier, but didn’t until the sun was nearly set. Instead of being negative that there was no natural light, I chose to be positive and make it work anyway. Using only the lighting from street lights, I attempted a night shoot. I like how the photos have a moody soft focus. I think the dark toned clothing really helped to set the mood.

Hope you’re having a great night and that your week is going well too!

(Wearing: Old Navy parka, Old Navy sweater, Old Navy dress, Old Navy boots, Zara bag)

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