Gray On Gray

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. After the difficult summer, I was thankful that my mom is still here to celebrate the holiday season. I took on a lot of responsibility in the kitchen this year for the feast. Besides baking a variety of desserts, I did some prep work the day before and cooked almost everything except the turkey, which my mom did (I helped though). It was exhausting, but satisfying in the end. I think I’m ready play hostess, someday.

Anyway, can you believe it’s December already? The only sight of snow so far was right before Thanksgiving and now it’s either sometimes sunny or just gray and gloomy.  I embraced the gray on gray days by of course wearing the color gray.  I wore an oversized boyfriend flannel over my favorite smock dress from ASOS and a pair of leather Vans I picked up from a Black Friday sale. The vibe is a little 90s, which I never mind.

Have a nice day!

(Wearing: Old Navy flannel, ASOS dress, Old Navy bucket bag, Vans sneakers)

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