Fall Moodboard

Fall Moodboard
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The reasons why I love fall must be repetitive by now. Sweaters and layering are always on the very top of that list. I find that I can get the most use out of my closet during this time. So many ideas come into my head on how I can style this or that. The possibilities seem endless. That same thought also comes to mind when I think about wanting to spend more time in the kitchen. I have already started doing that, but fall kind of sets up new rules when it comes to cooking and baking. Stews, soups, and anything with pumpkin or apples are some of those seasonal foods to drool over. I also want to document those adventures in the kitchen more (see all the baked treats I’ve previously posted on the blog here). I want snap more photos in general to keep moments in time still. Lastly, I want to know if there’s an upside to fall’s short dark days because it’s the one thing I dislike.

Are you ready for fall?
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