Super Sweatshirt


(ASOS jacket, Old Navy Captain America sweatshirt, Forever 21 skirt)
The last few days have been a bit chilly and I must confess that I was actually happy about it because I could throw on my Captain America sweatshirt once again. Just so you know, I have already worn said sweatshirt a few times since it’s been in my possession. If I had to leave the house for a brief period of time, then on it would go and now I finally get to share it with you. It is a men’s sweatshirt, which I don’t mind at all because I love stealing from the men’s department for certain items to get that more relaxed fit. Besides being very relaxing, this sweatshirt is so soft as if been’s well loved by a previous owner when in reality it hasn’t.. yet. Yes it is that super, in my opnion.
Have a great weekend! Happy Easter as well!


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