Prep Step

(ASOS varsity jacket, Old Navy sweatshirt, secondhand skirt, Old Navy boots, UO bag)

I wasn’t in band or joined any sports when I was in school. You could say that I was bad at sports. I was often (always) picked last in gym class. I dislike foot to ball contact sports. I had a bad experience with indoor kickball in grade school where I ended up on the floor and hitting my head after missing the ball when it was my turn at the plate to kick it. I can still remember the fogging of the safety googles over my eyeglasses because I had cried. So let’s say I have no skills in the sports department. This varsity jacket is the closet thing to actually owning the real deal. While draped over my shoulders the jacket adds some prep to my steps in a look that I consider to have modern school girl charm.

Have a great day!

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