Observation Above

(Old Navy men’s flannel, ASOS dress/sunglasses, Deena & Ozzy tote, Steve Madden boots)

The first holiday of the season has passed by since my last post and today it’s chilly with a light dusting of snow descending onto the ground. As I try to refrain from thinking about winter’s approach, I’m going share my last set of photos of my West Coast trip.

The Griffith Observatory became one of my favorite places to see in L.A. on my first trip two years ago. I was there in the evening back then and was overwhelmed to see all of the Los Angeles cityscape from above, especially the lights. On this day, it was a morning trip with blue skies where I was able to take in the beautiful scenery once again. The highlight was seeing The Hollywood Sign this time around, though I did enjoy the observatory’s architecture and view down below of the city and the Griffith Park hiking trails. I love that place and can’t wait for when I can venture out west again.

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Have a great week too!

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