French Beats

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I haven’t been inspired to pick up the camera lately, therefore the lack of personal style photos, but I have been enjoying the sound of songs sang in the language of love a.k.a. French. There’s one particular artist I’m listening to and her name is Luce TG and it’s all thanks to YouTube storyteller, kickthepj, for using her music in two separate videos of his. Go ahead and take a listen because her music is so soothing and pleasing. I don’t understand a word she’s saying (if only I had chosen to learn French in school), but it’s still quite beautiful. Oh and just so you know, I do have a fondness for French things probably since I’m such a hopeless romantic, a bit girly and dream of traveling to France one day. As for now, let me share a montage of fashion editorials shot on location in France for some inspiration.

Enjoy and have a lovely day!

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