Powder Blue

(Old Navy sweatshirt, F21 top, Uniqlo leggging pants, Target boots, Deux Lux bag)

When I used to go shopping for new clothes at a young age, I’d always steer towards the color blue. It was my favorite color at the time and I believe to me was the most neutral color to choose from. I may have considered it my safety color. I guess if you think about it, the color blue is associated to be calming and serene. Now these days I have a broader spectrum on the color palette for my wardrobe, but it doesn’t mean I completely forgo blue. So the other day, when my sister brought home a couple sweatshirts for us, I just knew I had to have the powder blue one. To me, this blue hue feels very feminine and though I styled this with some skinny pants, I’m more than excited to pair it with a skirt.

Hope you’ve all been well since the last time I updated. Have a lovely week!


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