Currently Lusting… Confident Stride

Currently lusting... Confident Stride

Four months into the year and I find myself sparingly spending money on new pieces for my wardrobe unless they’re basics or unique. This is actually a good thing because I am currently gathering piles of clothing I no longer wear for donating. It definitely gives me positive vibes knowing I’ll be helping others and there will be less clutter for myself to deal with. However, my brain is always spinning with things I want, but technically do not need. I’m sure that goes for everyone, right? So with spring here and summer not too far along, there’s three particular items on my lust list now:

1. Thick heeled ankle boots because I’ve worn down some booties I’d been wearing daily. These are the kind of boots I can rely on to withstand constant abuse while adding a few inches to my height and being comfortable as well.

2. High waisted swim bottoms because I’m loving the retro feel and can always go for high waisted anything anytime no matter what. I’ve been seeing them in lots of prints and solids all over the web and do intend on buying the floral one pictured above. I think they’d be super flattering for anyone too.

3. Low heeled flats because what’s not to like about a pair of flats with a slight heel? There’s comfort and the benefit of getting a few inches added in height once again so that gets my stamp of approval. Plus my feet have found extremely flat flats to be an annoyance in the past so I do try to avoid them.

How’s your week going? Well, I hope.


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