To Be Brave

(H&M parka, Old Navy sweater, Jason Wu for Target dress, Target boots)
I believe we all want to have courage so we can face fear and be brave. These thoughts flooded my mind yesterday when I was out with my sister taking the photos above. I’ve been blogging for four years now and started with indoor shots using a point and shoot camera set on self timer. It wasn’t until mid-2011 that I got serious and was able to persuade my sister to be my photographer. I haven’t looked back, but I’m still trying to master posing in front of a camera. I guess because being the center of attention (in a good way) never came naturally to me. I’ve been an “on the sidelines” type of girl most of my life so bear with me as I continue to get comfortable in my own skin as well as learn to stop stiffening up when there are complete strangers around. I’m totally guilty of doing that way too much. Okay, going to put my brave face on now. 

Have a great week! Can you believe it’s almost March? Oh and look out, I’ll be sharing a new recipe this week for something sweet.

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