Shades of Green

(Old Navy jacket, thrifted sweater, F21 top, Denim & Co. pants, Deena & Ozzy tote, F21 loafers)
Hello there! Happy 2013! I hope you all have been enjoying the year thus far. I have been M.I.A. and there’s really no excuse except that I did not have any content to share. I’d rather not blog than post something I’m not entirely satisfied with. I like the quality over quantity approach.
Anyway, I’ve been drifting towards comfort lately and sweaters are the pieces I’m reaching for the most. In this outfit from yesterday, I just happen to pull off three shades of green together. Sometimes I tend to just throw on pieces without thinking so the concoction above is an example of that. I didn’t notice until my sister pointed it out and you know what I actually like this subtle unexpected color explosion.
Have a great week!
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