Rebel With A Twist

(Visual Optimism)

Editorial: Fifties Twist
Magazine: ELLE France August 2012
Photographer: Clare Shilland
Styled by: Jeanne Le Bault
Model: Imogen Newton

It’s been a while since I put any focus on sharing some inspiration so here’s one that I’m sure will help anyone experiencing some cold winter days. At times I have a love/hate for winter especially when I feel like I’ve lost a sense of how to dress when the temperature goes down. Don’t you hate that? Well I came across this editorial and instantly fell for the eccentric styling. It revolves around a modern take on the 50s era rebel with some quirky twists. I love the shots where the model sports sneakers because to me it gives off a very interesting “50s rebel meets 80s working woman” vibe. I like how the stylist mixed textures and prints as well as peplums. I can totally see myself being able to look into my wardrobe and recreate outfits similar to looks 1 and 3. I think an editorial like this is helpful to reference to when I do get that feeling when I have no idea how to dress for frigid weather and need that little nudge to be inspired.

Hope you had a nice weekend! Have a lovely week!

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