Carefree Laze

Editorial: Age of Enlightenment
Magazine: ELLE US September 2009
Photographer: Lina Scheynius
Styled by: Camille Bidault-Waddington
Model: Elsa Sylvan
Today I’m delving into the past for inspiration from this 2009 editorial. With the recent forecasts on the east coast bringing in chillier air and a mix of rain/snow just the other day, I thought about sharing something that would fit the mood. I had intentions to post this editorial before, but you know sometimes things get lost in the folder that saves every piece of inspiration I have collected over the years. Rediscovering this reminded me of the reasons I loved it in the first place. I enjoy the frolic with nature photos, the soft lighting and the way the model makes laying about look like it’s the most fun activity ever. I know I wouldn’t mind lazing the day away especially on a super cold one putting together some fashionable looks and daydream. I would also like to frolic in a field at least once in my life. Yes, I do dream big.
Hope you’re having a lovely week!


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