Blooming Glow

(Visual Optimism)
Editorial: Dark Blooms
Magazine: Vogue  UK September 2012
Photographer: Ryan McGinley
Styled by: Francesca Burns
Model: Lara Stone
I already do love florals, but florals in the fall and winter seem a little more special. It causes a stir of what may be expected from seasonal change and that is quite fun. Though this editorial is titled “Dark Blooms” it is anything but dark, I say. Yes I get the gothic feel, but the lighting adds a different vibe. A yellowish glow appears throughout the photos enhancing Lara Stone’s beauty and the embroidered or floral print pieces she models in such a magical setting.

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One response to “Blooming Glow”

  1. These photos are beautiful, I agree on the dark blooms thing. The only thing I relate to that title would be her clothing is not super bright and colorful and slightly darker but still a magical setting :-).

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