White Out

Who knew that one overexposed photo would steer me in the right direction I needed for my blog redesign? 

I’d been planning a redesign for a while now especially since I had chosen to change my domain name of almost one year before expiration (notice how it’s now fashionreadyblog[dot]com instead of fashion-ready[dot]com). I have eliminated the hyphen for a more domain friendly name. My blog has been in transition the last few days migrating to the new domain so I have been trying to work alongside it figuring out the look. While editing some outfit photos from a recent family event, I came across the overexposed one above. I guess the mix of a mint dress with a white background and flash caused the unexpected star I so needed. With a bit of editing, I chose to turn the photo into a black and white one and darkened it to my liking. Then cropping out the shoes to leave only my head and belt to make what I thought would be a most interesting header, as seen. I continued with the mint accents going into this redesign and definitely wanted more white space as well as less clutter. I am pleased with the outcome and thankful there are tutorials for those like me who are not very html literate. I mean it took me forever to figure out how to set up the menu bar, but I like it because everything is all in one place. Hope you guys like and enjoy the new layout!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!
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