Life As We Know It

(UO men’s tee, H&M necklace, thrifted shorts, kmart sandals, Nine West crossbody)

I went to a concert yesterday down in Asbury Park with my sister. We saw our faves a.k.a Honor Society play as an opening act for Allstar Weekend. We only bought tickets to the show to see HS, but surprisingly ASW’s performance skills turned out better than expected and their songs were very catchy too. Oh pop music (NSYNC comes to mind), you will always have a piece of my heart. So being that we had the luxury of driving to a concert instead of taking public transportation and the location was near the beach, I decided to go casual with my look. I recently picked up the graphic tee from UO and thought the images were very Nasty Gal inspired so I had to get it. After a bit of editing like cutting, cropping and cuffing, the tee transformed to my liking. And with some denim shorts, a bit of accessorizing and multicolored nails, I was ready and had a rocking good time.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
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2 responses to “Life As We Know It”

  1. Kacrates says:

    Cool shirt and nails. Ive been wanting to do something like that.

  2. Clara Turbay says:

    it´s so cool and inspiring.

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