Hey Shortie

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I’m getting a haircut in a few hours and I’ve been contemplating the last few days on what look I’m going for. I was trying to grow out my hair for once (oh braids why do you look so dreamy on long hair), but have been lured by short to mid-length hair again. I’m no stranger to short hair I mean I rocked the bowl haircut for most of my childhood (um thanks mom and dad haha) so yeah I know how short hair looks on me. The only thing I’ve been fearing the most is getting bangs/fringe and trying to explain to my hairstylist what I want because I’m not up to par with hair terminology. I’ve had bangs in the past from blunt (while sporting the bowl haircut) to side swept to choppy. There have been times when I was horrified by the way the bangs turned out and yes I know maintaining them can sometimes be a beyotch. A good hairstylist should understand hopefully, I mean if he or she is that good. In the end, after compiling images and looking at old photos of myself, I’m going for a long bob with long bow skimming bangs a la Alexa Chung and Nicole Richie. I hope all goes well! I’m crossing my fingers that it does!

Have a great day!

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  1. I'm always so envious of girls who can pull of short hair like that – it's so lovely! x E

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