Semi Untucked

(UO boater hat, Old Navy blouse/crossbody bag, thrifted denim shorts, Kmart sandals)

Polished or unpolished? I guess you could say I have both going on. Yes I decided to play around with the tucked/untucked shirt style. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I’m sure could get some stares, but I find nothing wrong with trying this at least once. I think that the fact I used a basic white blouse makes this look acceptable. At the moment, these denim shorts are my favorite. I thrifted this pair the end of last summer and to me they are the perfect length. I can enjoy high waisted glory without losing coverage like I see with so many shorts today. I’m also wearing my new ribbon trimmed boater hat, though it ended up not being necessary as I headed outdoors since the weather soon went from sunny to gloomy with light rain. However, that didn’t stop me from keeping that lovely boater on my head. It’s too cute to say no to!

Hope you’ve been having a weekend!

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