Not So Mint

(Old Navy blouse, American Apparel disco pants, F21 necklace & flats, and Dooney & Burke satchel)

I had the intention of getting a Shamrock shake from McDonald’s yesterday. I wanted to do so before St. Patrick’s Day since its a seasonal drink. If you don’t know what a Shamrock shake is, it’s a mint milkshake that usually comes around early March before the 17th. I haven’t had one since 2010, which was also the first time I tried it. And since I’m a fan of mint, the flavor and color (yes to all the mint pastels I’m seeing), why not? Well the McDonald’s my sister and I went to by our house said they were sold out so that was a bummer. I don’t know exactly what they meant by “sold out” unless they no longer had the mint flavor available, but you know it happens. We opted for some McNuggets to share and that was that.

For my outfit, the first piece I chose was the olive green blouse. And yes I intentionally wore green since I was heading out for a Shamrock shake. I don’t know why, maybe I’m weird haha. I pulled on my fairly new disco pants, which are a dream and glad that I finally bought. Then I put on the necklace I bought Saturday, flats I got at the end of fall and the Dooney & Burke I’ve been sporting this weekend.



5 responses to “Not So Mint”

  1. Lucija says:

    I kind of really love your blog 😀


  2. kb says:

    love the glasses and the necklace! x

  3. Great look! Beautiful necklace 🙂 omg I just finished reading Fast Food Nation, will never go to McDonald's again haha. You should read it!


  4. Yuka says:

    love the necklace

  5. Analisa says:

    I love your necklace! I was just at McDonalds the other day trying out their new chicken McBites, I wish I also got the Shamrock shake! I've never tried it but I've been seeing photos of it popping up a lot lately

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