Mad For The 1960s


Editorial: Always A Lady
Magazine: Vogue Russia, January 2012
Photographer: Ben Toms
Fashion Editor: Katie Shillingford
Model: Meghan Collison

I spent the whole week watching all four seasons of Mad Men on Netflix to get caught up for tonight’s Season 5 premiere. I did watch a few episodes here and there in the past, but was not a dedicated viewer. After watching a couple old movies from Marilyn Monroe and classics like The Graduate and Valley of the Dolls, I went on an era kick and that’s when the glamour of Mad Men took over, making me a new fan.

I came across this editorial and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the retro feel. I see a 1960s housewife all gussied up oozing glamour and elegance around her home, which is perfect Mad Men inspiration! Now is she a Betty or a Megan (if you watch Mad Men then you understand what I mean)?


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    Love this!!!

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