Girls Day

(H&M necklace, Old Navy blouse, thrifted skirt edited, Target boots, and aunt’s Dooney & Burke satchel)

Today was a fun girls day with my sister. With our busy schedules sometimes, it’s hard to hang out, relax and talk even though we share the same room. We started the day by finally seeing The Vow, which of course the hopeless romantic in me loved. It’s not hard to find things to be cute. Though I didn’t cry watching the movie, my sister did and it was a little funny only because she’s totally not a sap like me. The ending/credits song, The Cure’s “Pictures of You” pretty much made her bawl. I mean it was the perfect song to end the movie! Anyway afterwards, we went shopping and got a few new things. She added to her collection of getting about all the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows and I found a thick chained collar necklace at F21 to add to my growing collection of collar necklaces of course. Oh and I also bought a bag I’ve been wanting from UO and it was sale, which always make me feel good.

As for my outfit, the first thing I picked out this morning was the skirt and I styled the rest of the look around it. The skirt was originally a maxi, but I chopped the length a few years back to make it more flattering for then. I chose a black blouse to go with the whole dark floral theme of the skirt. I also tied my bouse off which I’ve been playing around with lately since my sister has been constantly doing it for months now. The Dooney & Burke bag is one of the newest additions to my wardrobe since my aunt was cleaning out her closet of things she no longer uses. I love it and it adds some sophistication to any look. Oh and I got a new iphone cover, isn’t it pretty?!

Hope you’ve had a good week!

5 responses to “Girls Day”

  1. June says:

    that cover is cereal

  2. LOVE the skirt, such a great print!
    Your nails look amazing too!

    Be Frassy

  3. very cute outfit!!

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