Grunge Meets Varsity

(H&M parka/necklace, Old Navy sweater, UO dress, Target leggings/boots, and thrifted vintage Coach satchel)

The snow has melted and it’s mild once again. It’s suppose to be winter, right? Anyway I decided to take a break from wearing pants today and pulled this swingy plaid t-shirt dress from my closet. Since it has short sleeves, I automatically reached for a sweater to keep me warm. Plus I love and am a big fan of layering sweaters over collared shirts and dresses so whenever I can, I pair the two. The look is completed with a used and abused pair of brown lace up boots which gives off the 90s grunge feel I was going for for the day. While strolling by my old middle school, I couldn’t help but stop by the football field to use it as a backdrop for some awesome photography. I think the photos say grunge meets varsity and I totally love it!

Hope you’re having a great week!
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5 responses to “Grunge Meets Varsity”

  1. Laura Bray says:

    Love this whole look but especially your necklace. And the colours in your skirt are fantastic!

    -LAURA xx

  2. Fydez says:

    I like your sweater and purse! xx

  3. Clara Turbay says:

    Great ideas in the same post. love them all.

  4. STARR says:

    Love the bright plaid mixed with the olive jacket and brown boots. It's grunge but still girly 🙂

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