Rachel to the Zoe

(The Coveteur)
I finally watched the latest season finale of The Rachel Zoe Project. The feeling of this episode was different than usual and I thoroughly enjoyed it that way. There were emotions of genuineness and happiness throughout. Rachel is balancing the roles of being a stylist and a mother to Skyler well. I loved seeing her not stressed out for once. Plus how can she be stressed when she has a beautiful family and a great team of people working for her that truly care for her and the brand she is building. The outdoor barbecue was my favorite part especially when the speeches began. You could definitely tell that those emotions were genuine and not fake at all. Tears of joy all around and yes they re-hired Jeremiah!
Rachel Zoe is a creative and inspiring stylist. As with any fashion maven, a working space is just as important so let your jaw drop in awe with The Coveteur‘s photos of Zoe Headquarters. I’m dying over the extensive collection of shoes Rachel has on hand for styling jobs. Now that’s a serious stylist who likes to be prepared! It also inspires me to think how I’d like my workspace to look one day. Ah dreaming already.
And turning back to the finale, the lookbook shoot for Rachel’s Resort 2012 collection was shown and wow the styling was amazing. The stunning blonde model rocked every look and definitely had a Rachel Zoe look-a-like feel to her. Strong poses and Zoe-ified clothing that looks like she would wear herself sold them to me. Some of my favorites are below.
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