Braidy Bunch



I’m no expert when it comes to doing my own hair. I usually wear it down and let it do its own thing. Most of the time I have my sister play around with it since I believe that my own hands are not capable of doing anything of greatness to style the hair from my head. After she did braided pigtails to finish the look of my Wednesday Addams costume this Halloween, I’ve been obsessed with braids.

I experimented with my own hair for once and braided my hair off to one side. So mine may not have the same effect as girls blessed with long hair, but it’s a start. I working towards growing out my hair anyway. Oh and styling my own hair as well. I’ve been braiding my hair at night for wavy hair FYI. Yep, I’m one step closer to hair independence haha.

Have a great week!

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  1. amalie says:

    ah how i love braids x

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