Take A Spill For Solestruck

(Old Navy tribal inspired bag, Urban Outfitters wallet, Hello Kitty mirror, Covergirl Lash Blast mascara, Loreal Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner, cherry Chapstick, Maybelline lipstick, altoids, iPhone 4, 80s Purple sunglasses, Old Navy sunglasses case, hand sanitizer, Moleskine planner & notebook, pen)

Solestruck has been holding a purse voyeur contest to win a mini JC bag from the new handbag line. The most important detail to this contest is that you must be brave enough to spill the contents of your favorite purse and show what you’ve got in there. I finally photographed my entry tonight just in time before the deadline (TOMORROW!) and thought I’d share it here too. I took one of my new favorite summer bags and displayed the essentials that I must carry at all times. FYI you won’t find me shuttering in fear behind my laptop screen as I spill my purse here for lovely readers.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

2 responses to “Take A Spill For Solestruck”

  1. Harija says:

    great tag and i love your bag!
    Neat post and love your blog… would you like to follow each other!

  2. Analisa says:

    I love seeing what other bloggers carry in their bag 🙂 Thanks for sharing about the contest!

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