70s Groove Is Back

Editorial: The New 70s Show
Magazine: Lucky, February 2011
Photographer: Anne Menke
Styled by: Eleanor Strauss

Fall is just around the corner and one of its biggest trends is the 70s. My sister and I have been currently talking about the 70s after some recent shopping trips and noticing the theme going on. The retail store she works at even started to carry flares in a variety of styles from the trouser to a retro flare to a more subtle flare. We’re actually contemplating what style flare we want to buy and let me tell you that this is kind of weird to me because I’m afraid to steer clear from skinny jeans, but you know what change is always good. As for my sister, she’s totally willing to branch out plus she’s all in and loving the 70s trend right now.

Enjoy and take a trip to the 70s with this retro revival editorial. Raid your parents’ closets, local thrift and retail stores for some awesome threads because fall is looking groovy.

Have a great week!!

3 responses to “70s Groove Is Back”

  1. Amber says:

    So pretty! I love this editorial 🙂

  2. The 70s is back and Im so excited about that. Everything about the 70s is classy, fun and elegant.


  3. Lidiya says:

    I adore the 70's styles, these are gorgeous photos 🙂

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