Stud A Pair Or Two

Cooperative linen lace-up boots from Urban Outfitters
Ecote foldover lace-up boots from Urban Outfitters
I bought these two pair of boots from UO earlier this month when they had a sale around 4th of July. Together I paid under $30, whereas if they were at regular price the two would have left my wallet with $90 less, so I definitely scored a good deal. While the boots are wonderful as is, I found nothing wrong with making them extra special by studding them.
Studding, maybe one of the most simple DIYs can get a bit time consuming. I guess that’s why I stopped midway through one boot due to boredom and frustration, but I finally got it done. Choosing pyramid studs in gold and brass that would compliment my boots, I studded the foldover collar of one pair and the top rim of the other. I love the end results and glad that my hands don’t hurt. NOTE: I know some people like to use a butter knife to push the metal prongs into the fabric, but I found a sturdy pair of pliers can do the job even better.
Have a great week!

4 responses to “Stud A Pair Or Two”

  1. Studs make everything better. 🙂 I love the brown ones!

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  2. Ivanna says:

    you did really well putting the studs on the boots, they look great 🙂


  3. THE CHEAP says:

    Wow! Great DIY job…I'm thinking about studding my denim jacket but that might be too…mid-80's. hah. Where do you get your studs btw?

    xx THE CHEAP

  4. Oh snap! I'm too lazy wanna DIY some of my clothes haha

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