Backyard Benefit

(Urban Outfitters men’s graphic tee, thrifted shorts, satchel & shoes)
There’s nothing like using the simplicity and benefits of your own backyard as the backdrop to your photos. For me, I just walk out the door, take a few steps and I’m right in the center of it all. Mother nature is definitely afoot in this yard. Stop by and you’ll find a garden with vegetables, herbs and flowers galore. One sweet touch is a stone porch that gets its lovely shade from the garage a few feet away. Perfect for lounging out and keeping cool in the summer heat I say.
Hope you’re all having a great week!

5 responses to “Backyard Benefit”

  1. TheMadTwins says:

    I adore your shoes and bag so much!

  2. Lidiya says:

    I love this outfit, your tee is super cool 🙂

  3. Raez says:

    cute tee! rubiks cubes are the best!

    xx Raez

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