One Week And Counting

One of my favorites things to do is put outfits together. I’m probably one of the few people who actually enjoy planning it all out ahead, whether it be for the day before or weeks before any special occasion or just everyday. Yes, there’s always the “what if”, “not sure”, or “how’s the weather” factors that come to mind, but I always include options in my arsenal that way I’m ready for whatever mood I end up in.
So I’m already wishing I could fast forward to next Sunday.


Because the looks I have photographed above are what I’ve planned to wear for two concerts I’m going to next weekend. And for the same band too. My sister and I will be hitting NYC next Sunday and Philly next Monday for Honor Society’s “Wherever You Are” tour. We haven’t seen this band for over a year now so we’re so ready to rock out and have some fun. Plus I haven’t been to NYC in a while and so excited to check out Philly for the first time.

If any one knows of any places to visit in Philly, let me know. I only have one day/few hours to explore the beautiful city. Oh and for more in depth details on my outfits, you’ll have to wait next week once I’ve had my adventurous weekend.

Have a great week!

3 responses to “One Week And Counting”

  1. jamie clare says:

    looks comfy and easy. perfect for summer & i adore the necklace!

  2. ANN says:

    I love both of these looks 🙂 Have fun next weekend!

  3. STARR says:

    Have fun! It depends what you're looking for but you might want to check out old city for night and some historical sites during the day:)

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