Here We Are Once Again

(H&M top /sunnies, thrifted denim shorts, Nine West bag, Swedish Hasbeens X HM won from a blog giveaway)

Hi! I’m back and still recovering from the weekend. The concerts were definitely the highlight of my summer so far. Look out for a post regarding them within the next week. I’ve got a few ideas for the next upcoming posts so I’m willing to wait to blog on it.

Initially my sister and I were going to stay in today, but I heard UO was having an additional 30% off on sale items deal today through July 4 and couldn’t pass it up thinking it’s best to get the good stuff before it’s all gone. We didn’t find anything appealing until we found some awesome pairs of boots on sale, of course. We left with two each and are in the process of studding them.

After UO, we stopped by a park that we always drive by on the way. We walked over to a willow tree that had a little stream nearby and started snapping photos. I even awkwardly balanced myself on a rock to show off me finally wearing my Swedish Hasbeens X HM that I had won from Dylana from Color Me Nana a couple months ago. Oh how funny it was that I almost fell over a couple of times.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

2 responses to “Here We Are Once Again”

  1. So beautiful! Love your style.

    Come visit me
    Karoline Kalvo

  2. TheMadTwins says:

    Lovely outfit! I adore your glasses they are so sweet!

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