Wasted Hours Before We Knew

I would say I’m great at wasting hours sometimes, whether I’m procrastinating, lazy or just don’t know what to do out of boredom. My friend boredom made me rise to my feet and take some photos last weekend. I’ve been M.I.A. in photo form on the blog so here I am saying HELLO in an oversized AA sweatshirt and shorter hair. I also feel bad for being a bad blogger and seriously want an outfit post on here soon and hopefully this weekend will make up for it since my current day-to-day job doesn’t exactly give me freedom in the “wear whatever I want” department. I totally miss being creative in my outfits and need to fix this situation pronto like with a new J.O.B.!

Have a great week lovelies! xoxo

4 responses to “Wasted Hours Before We Knew”

  1. Grace says:

    Good to see your pretty face back! I agree, boredom is a killer xxx

  2. hey lady! ya, i'm with you on this… great at wasting hours too. 🙂 your sweater looks so comfy. where are you working now?!

    xx, becs

  3. E says:

    Love that sweater! I bet it's so comfy!

  4. I love the phone cover and your sweater !


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